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Friday, June 08, 2007

Self-Study Quest Update

It's about three weeks ago when I posted about my plan to study XML, Javascript and Ajax. As of today I'm in the chapter 5 of the XML course. It's a bit slow i know (the culprit is my blogs and other website). I'm studying XML at home and whenever I'm in front of my PC and opens my blogs and other websites I'm hooked to it in an instant. It's too late before I notices that its already almost midnight and I have to sleep for the next day's work.

At the office, I also read the JSP Web Development book that has been in my table since last year and right now I'm in chapter 4. Whew. I just hope I just can download the information in this books to my brain just like when I download a file from the internet to my PC. (^_^)


Leo said...


I am sorry,whenever i try to put in your link into the template, it always give me the error message that I can't save the template. please take out my link from your site. Thanks!

Joel Badinas said...
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