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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My New Sony DSC-S650 Digital Camera

Last Sunday, June 2, 2007, I bought my very first camera. My friends, Eman and Dacs, came with me to help me find the best value camera. Originally, I plan to buy a Canon branded one like Eman's but he said he saw a cheaper one while he was walking in the SM mall. So it was the one I bought, a Sony DSC S650 seven megapixel digital camera.

This camera has a standard three times zoom lens and has a built-in 24 MB of memory. It is easy to use and likely to appeal to anyone looking for a less expensive camera (like me) from one of the leading brands like Sony.

This camera easily fits into a pocket (but I won't put mine in my pocket), but is compact enough to be carried around without a problem.

The unit comes with a carrying case, a hand strap and is warranted for three years for services and parts at all Sony service centers nationwide.

At PHP10,999.00, payable through my credit card for 12 months without interest, I think this is the best value camera I've been looking for.

From now on, expect me to post here some pictures I've taken with my new Sony DSC-S650 camera. (^_^)


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