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Friday, June 15, 2007

Blogger's Corner: Simon Lioe

One day after I posted my Blogger's Corner campaign, I already got two bloggers who responded to this quest. So now, it is my pleasure to post my very first feature blogger, Simon Lioe.

Simon Lioe of MyBlog Rocks! is an amateur blogger who has been inspired by Steve Pavlina and John Chow. He is one of my internet friends and we have been exchanging links and sharing ideas about blogging and making money online. Read on.

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Name Simon Lioe
Describe Yourself I am an amateur blogger who has been inspired by some great bloggers such as Steve Pavlina and John Chow. I have been lucky to be supported by some of my loyal friends (Joel, Linda Mulyana etc). Initially I intended to blog for money (from Google Adsense) but I realize later that blogging is so much fun. You too should try blogging now.
Main blog MyBlog Rocks!
Main Blog Description My blog is all about what we are experiencing in someone's everyday life, be it Health, Wealth and Wisdom
Other blogs Fashion Hottie - This blog is about fashion and celebrities, Agloco Rocks! - This blog is about how to make money by signing up to AGLOCO
Q & A
1) When and how did you start blogging? I started blogging in Sept 2006
2) How many blogs do you maintain? I am currently maintaining 3 blogs
3) What is your primary reason for blogging? I was initially attracted to earn money from Google Adsense, but later, I find that the enjoyment of blogging is more than just trying to ean money.
4) How many hours you spend blogging everyday? After several months of hardship (wow...what the ....! ), I am now active again, maybe a few hours a day.
5) How do you market your blog? Mainly by link exchange
6) Do you monetize your blog? How? I joined Google Adsense to monetize my blogs. It is easy to sign up and you should do it now
7) If you were to write your very last blog post, what it is about? I guess it would be about How To Lead a Happy Life
8) What is the biggest blogging mistake you've ever done? I don't know.... But a word of caution. If you plan to earn money from Google Adsense, you MUST understand the TOS.
9) If you are allowed to read only one blog, what should it be? I would read
10) What advice can you give to other bloggers? Make friend with Joel because he is a very nice man and he will guide you step by step to be a successful blogger.


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