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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tips For Aspiring Programmers

I'm a computer science graduate. And because of that I'm a computer scientist, yes? Well, technically I am, but functionally not. I don't design computers. I design softwares - things that make a computer functional. I'm a full-time systems developer.

Being a computer science graduate doesn't automatically makes you a good systems developer, or a programmer as some call it. Some graduate of the said degree ends up in other fields such as teaching, bank clerks, sales agent and etc. I'm don't blame them or discriminate them of any sort.

To be a good software developer requires hardwork, determination, practice and enjoying what you do. If you are an aspiring programmer, here are my personal tips you could use:

1.Enjoy Programming. This is the most important. Before you take an IT degree, ask yourself: Do you enjoy programming? Do you like the idea of sitting all day in front of the computer? Do you enjoy analysing complex problems and come up with a good solution just by thinking? If you answer 'No' to any of this question, go get yourself another degree or profession.

2.Self-Study. If you're still a student, don't just rely on what your intructor teaches you. Read more and more books and teach yourself programming and other IT stuffs.

3.Communicate With Your Peers. Share your ideas and knowledge with other programmer. Sometimes you think your ideas are very good but when you hear others', you'll find that it's there ideas that are better. Sharing among your peers will give you more knowledge about your craft. Don't be shy to ask questions.

4.Practice, Practice and Practice. Truly, practice makes perfect. Constant practice in programming will enhance your programming skills. The more you practice, the more you become better in your field.

5. Upgrade Your Skills. Programming technologies today are very fast evolving. Ten years ago, desktop application are everywhere. Now, web and browser-based applications are more in-demand. And now mobile computing are fast evolving. Upgrade your skills by self-studying, participating in training and seminars.

Programming is a trial and error process. Don't be intimidated if others (or your classmates) are better than you. Follow my #4 tip (Practice, practice and practice). When writing a program and you hit a dead-end, set back, relax and go back in front of the PC.


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