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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blogger's Corner: Mila Smith

Today's feature blogger is Mila Smith. I met her at YM and since then we exchange blog links and share ideas. Mila enjoys researching and sharing her own experience.

Name Mila Smith
Decribe Yourself Person with a good sense of humor, industrious
Main blog Cigarettes
Main Blog Description The Blog offering information about cigarettes and marketing. The author enjoys researching into the field and sharing her own experience.
Other blogs Advertising and cigarettes blog
Q & A
1) When and how did you start blogging? I began blogging approximately a year ago. I just liked the idea to write about different kind of events, news and reviews.
2) How many blogs do you maintain? I have two blogs
3) What is your primary reason for blogging? I just wanted to share my opinion with other people who have blogs and to exchange our blogs
4) How many hours you spend blogging everyday? I spend 4-5 hours blogging everyday
5) How do you market your blog? I exchange blogs with other people who have blogs
6) Do you monetize your blog? How? No, I don't monetize my blogs
7) If you were to write your very last blog post, what it is about? If I'm to write my very last blog, it would contain the idea that there is nothing impossible in out life and we can always find a way-out.
8) What is the biggest blogging mistake you've ever done? Hope there were not any mistakes in my blogs, but I have plenty of time))))
9) If you are allowed to read only one blog, what should it be? It would be the topic about global network and the development of blogging
10) What advice can you give to other bloggers? I advise other bloggers to create interesting blogs in order other people to appreciate this work and take advantages of the information read.


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