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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Blogger's Corner: Aleksei Miheev

Our feature blogger for today is Aleksei Miheev. I happen to come across his blog when he made a comment in this blog. Aleksei is an Applied Maths student at Nizhni Novgorod State University. He loves of wine and live and also his one and only girl.

PhotoAleksei Miheev
NameAleksei Miheev
Describe YourselfAs lazy as a programmer should be, a lover of wine drinks, fine women (one woman, actually, the only), live music (a drummer myself) and cats. Linux geek and web developer. Still an Applied Maths student at Nizhni Novgorod State University.
Main blog URLTemptation of Saint Aqualung
Main Blog DescriptionTemptation of Saint Aqualung is my personal blog featuring my freelance and general programming experience, my thoughts on Linux, Web and technology in general, some bits of my life and a little of my graphomania.
Other blogsNone
Q & A
1) When and how did you start blogging?When and how did you start blogging? The best friend of mine, Margo, Russian hippie, living in Norway now, started a blog (which was more a private diary) at russian LJ-like service and invited my there, too. It was late 2004, AFAIR. Those two blogs (mine and Margo's) have been inactive for at least a year.
2) How many blogs do you maintain?Three: Temptation, a Russian version of it, and a private one, mostly for my girlfriend (it's a kind of psychotherapy for both of us: we use diaries instead of shouting and breaking dishes when arguing). It's possible that there's be 2-3 more blogs for my projects.
3) What is your primary reason for blogging?Blogging :) I love writing, so I write. Expressing myself, sharing experience and other stuff are secondary to my graphomania.
4) How many hours you spend blogging everyday?Not much. I do not even blog every day. About an hour in average, I guess.
5) How do you market your blog?Place links in my projects' footers (if clients don't mind, of course) to pump up PR, and submit to SU, dzone and sometimes digg and reddit to get traffic. No intentional link exchange with othersm just linking to what I like and letting others do the same.
6) Do you monetize your blog? How?How? I've put Adsence here and there, but it doesn't generate any income for now. Also tried a couple other PPCs, earned a few cents with adBrite. Place affiliate links for Amazon, TLA and ReviewMe sometimes, but with no effect now. Those links are more investment into future, I think.
7) If you were to write your very last blog post, what it is about?Making love.
8) What is the biggest blogging mistake you've ever done?Started blogging. I'm not a pro and will never be a pro. I'm coder and DBA, not pro blogger. Everything is a mistake in my blogs.
9) If you are allowed to read only one blog, what should it be?My girlfriend's private one.
10) What advice can you give to other bloggers?DO NOT post your cat's pics unless your blog is dedicated to cats' photos.

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