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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top 10 Blogs About Blogging

Below is the list of the latest top 10 blogs about blogging. This list is based on four factors: Google Pagerank, Alexa ranking, Bloglines subscribers and Technorati authority.

#1 Problogger
#2 Copyblogger
#3 John Chow
#4 Quick Online Tips
#5 Lorelle on Wordpress
#6 Daily Blog Tips
#7 Performancing
#8 Weblog Tools Collection
#9 Blog Herald
#10 Blogging Pro

This blogs generate hundreds of thousands of pageviews daily. Which means they also generate thousands of dollars in revenue monthly. John Chow for example, averages 10,000 dollars a month in blogging revenue. This only means there is money in blogging.

But I think to truly enjoy the beauty of blogging, blogging about your interest should be your priority.

What's more. This bloggers also spend countless of man hours to improve their rankings to be on top of the list. Their success is years in the making. So if you are an aspiring blogger, be patient and slowly build your traffic to the top.

This list encourages me to keep on blogging. Who knows, after a year from now, this blog will be on that list too. (^_^)


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