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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Wedding Reception Audio-Visual Presentation

This video was presented during our wedding reception last May 05, 2007. It shows our love story, how me and my wife meet again at after more than 10 year since high school and eventually end up saying "I DO".

Check it out and a comment will be very much appreciated. (^_^)

Life of a Programmer Got Reviewed

I was lucky today. Nick, the owner of Blogger a Blogging blog, made a review of this blog, life of a programmer. It was an unsolicited review as I was only asking for a link exchange from his blog but Nick went out of his way and made the review. Of course I'm thankful. Its not everyday that you get review from complete stranger. (^_^)

I salute blogger who do such unselfish things.

Although the review was not professionally written, it's still a review about this blog and I appreciate Nick for it.

You can read the full review at this link: life of a programmer review.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Make Money Online with John Chow

John Chow is one of the most popular blogger now a days. His blog, John Chow dot Com, is a blog that helps you make money online. He is offering to link to your blog if you review his blog.

This techniques which is called link baiting or link building, is a popular method to get on top of the search engine such as Google. And John Chow is making the most of this 'white hat' SEO method to make his site on top of Google's search result for the keyphrase "make money online".

In return for the review, John Chow will put a link to your website or blog from his own website. Being a PR6 website John Chow dot com is a good place to put my link, life of a programmer, into that is why I'm making this review.

Life of a Programmer New Look

It's already 1:15 in the morning.

I just finished updating the template of this blog from the old template seen in the picture at the right.

I redesigned the old template to look like this new one so that I can optimize the space for the Google Adsense ads and other materials that I will be putting in the future. I plan to put other income generating materials at the spaces in the sidebars. Or maybe flickr photo or youtube movies and etc.

My First Adsense Check

Last December I recieved my first Adsense check. For me and for others out there, this is a big proof that there is really money in the internet. In fact, many blogger and webmaster are making a living out of the internet. Too bad that I discovered Adsense just last year through one of my officemates.

The check, which is 127.56 dollars in amount, is a product of my trial and error when I started blogging and designing websites since May 2006. Not really much compare to others who averages from hundreds to thousands of dollars in revenue every month.

If I hade discovered Adsense in college, I'd get more than this because I started designing website since college but stopped when I got a regular job.

Next month (June), I'm expecting again my second check.

This year, one my goals is to increase my revenue to 10 dollars per day. This days, I'm still averaging less than a dollar per day. It would require much work to reach my goal, but who knows I might get lucky this year. (^_^)

If you plan to monetize your blogs or website, you can do so by signing-up with Google Adsense by clicking the button at the right sidebar which is labeled "Earn money by showing relevant ads with Google Adsense"

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My New Somic SM-302 Headset

I'm excited to try my new Somic SM-302 headset. I bought this in Manila last Monday.

I have been looking for this kind of headset that fits right to my head. I have already a headset but it was big and bulky. I sometimes get a headache wearing it. And it was hot to the ear because the ear piece was big.

This Somic SM-302 fits right to me. At 345.00 pesos, this seems a good find. I hope I can continue my self studies in XML, Javascript and Ajax with this new headset. And also listen to some good music and watch movies.

And Back Again...

I went to Manila last Saturday to accompany my wife.

Manila. My day started very early, We woke up at 2:30 in the morning and arrived to the NAIA airport at around 4 o'clock for my wife's flight. At that early, there were already many passengers due to depart. Her flight was 6:40 so I waited until 6 hoping that she can join me at the cafeteria for a quick breakfast before her flight but after she check-in her luggages, her plane was in time for boarding. She then just called me.

I went to the Manila Domestic airport after that and slept for awhile at the bench while waiting for my flight, which is 9:25, for checking-in.

Davao. I arrived to Davao at past 11 in the morning today. After taking a quick shower, I had my lunch and a did a few house errands. Then, slept for more than 2 hours.

Friday, May 25, 2007

TGIS - Thank GOD It's Saturday

Thank GOD it's saturday. Saturdays are like slowdown days for me. During this days, work is not much as streesful as the normal weekdays and some regular employees, like me, in our company is only half day shift.

Normally, I allot this day for my research of IT stuffs and other programming languages and methodologies. But today, we had our monthly departmental meeting which is mostly about updates of our projects and accomplishment for the past month.

Mini Management Conference (Re)Re-echo

We had an engineering mini ManCon (Management Conference) this morning. This was the second time that the said activity was held, thus the title (re)re-echo, to cater other employees who wasn't able to attend the first mini mancon, held last April 2007.

The event features the presentation of each department their plans for the year 2007. For our department, I was task to operate the PC for the Powerpoint presentation. Maybe next year I'll be the presentor for our department (I hope not (^_^)) .

For me, the highlight of the said event was the food (as all other company events I attended). I had a real heavy lunch. Until now I feel I'm still full.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Agloco Network Update

Today I checked my AGLOCO account to find out how many members is in my network. Well, nothing much has changed. I'm still far from the 1500th mark. I'm not surprised though, I don't recruit members aggressively, at least this days that the Viewbar is not yet released because others want proof before they sign-up.

AGLOCO made an statement that they will release Viewbar on April but they didn't keep it. May came and the Viewbar is still in beta, although they allow John Chow to test it, still, members aren't contented.

Personally, I have high hopes in AGLOCO. I know that the Viewbar will be available in due time. As a programmer myself, I understand the delay. Developing software don't sound easy as it is. In fact, it is harder when you're designing complex systems such as the AGLOCO system. I have encountered users is our company that is very demanding when they want something to be programmed. They think that sitting there in front of the PC writing source codes is like sitting in a park with a book (THINK AGAIN).

If your patience is as long as mine and want to try AGLOCO, you can visit this blog, Agloco Cash, for more information and how to sign-up.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Office PC. My Tool

Pentium 4
2.80 GHz
512 RAM
40 G Hard Disk

Windows XP
Professional Edition
Version 2002
Service Pack 2

In a developer's point of view, this PC don't meet the standard for developers like me. But this PC serves its purpose. I have designed, maintained and currently writing computer softwares using this.

I hope this June a new and faster PC for me will arrive. But for the meantime, I'm making the best of what I have (^_^).

Report, Report and Report

For the first time since I came back to work from my one month vacation, I was able to spent the whole day today almost entirely in front my PC.

I'm finished the format #1 of the five reports that I have to finished by the 24th. I plan to finish this by then so that I can focus on other task or research and study new programming techniques and methods.

XML, Javascript and Ajax are my priorities this time. I hope I can teach myself this languages before the end of the year.

This morning while I'm dressing up for work, I noticed I'm having a hard time putting on my pants. I gained weight since my one month vacation. So I decided to start my gym workout again this afternoon after office.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Meeting, Meeting and Meeting...

Almost my whole Monday at work was spent on a meeting (nothing much changed since last week). I was lucky that I was able to spent some time with my task to create a report, that is due on May 24, (whew) for my system, PowerOne Constellation.

Me and my wife spent the the whole weekend in Manila to celebrate the birthday of her mother. We got back just this morning enough for me to get ready for my work. I only slept two hours last night. And so I was sleepy like hell while we were conducting meeting and coding the report (^_^).

I hope tomorrow I can focus to code my report so that I will be able to beat my deadline. I just hope so. (^_^)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

XML, Javascript and Ajax - Still out of Reach for Me

As a programmer, It has been my dream to be a master of web programming. I have self taught myself PHP, HTML and CSS programming languages - which is one of the essential programming language skills a web programming should have.

Although I have created website using those languages, I still feel that I need to learn other technologies and languages such as XML, Javascript and Ajax.

These three languages - XML, Javascript and Ajax - are one of the most needed skill I feel I need to learn. Too bad I have materials needed to learn those technologies but I don't have time to read it (or I just don't find time (^_^)).

And so starting today, I will find time to learn those languages. First I will learn XML, then Javascript, and then Ajax. And use it in my daily work as a programmer. Mark my word.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Google Cash Strikes Back

I recieved an invitation from my email to download Google Cash. It's an ebook which teaches how someone can be profitable using Google.

Google Cash was first introduced in 2003 and in about a year, many internet marketers (newbies and experts) profited from it. Even until these days, many internet marketers still does though the competition is hard.

After about four years, Google Cash is reborn. This time promising easier method to money making in the internet through Google.

Writing the methods taught in the ebook here would be re-inviting the wheel. Why not download it on your own here. After all, it's free.

Enjoy and good luck.

Election Paraphernalias Removal Operation

This morning, all DLPC regular employees was tasked to remove the election paraphernalias in the two major streets of Davao. The activity started at 6 in the morning and would last until 10:30.

I had fun removing the the pieces of craps that the candidates posted in every structures they can get into. It was only very tiring. One hour in the operation and I feel I need to go home and sleep the whole day. This made me think, what if candidates will use the internet to campaign for elections. It would be less messy.

There were press poeple who covered the event. I bet they were there just to get a scope of the event. Commotion followed wherever they go because DLPC employees would pose with them in front of the camera. And of course, I'm one of them. (^_^)

I just hope other companies will follow what DLPC started. And also candidates who won in the latest election should do thier part in removing posters too. They posted it, they remove it.

Four Posts in Less Than Two Days

Already 10:14 PM and I'm still awake busy editing the template of this blog and adding some Adsense codes and also doing email checks and checking my other websites (and composing this post).

I browsed this blog earlier and I was surprised that I have posted 4 posts in just less than two days. Before, days, even weeks or months, would go by before I get the inspiration and enthusiasm to write a anything in this blog. I think I'm finally learning the formula of blogging. (^_^)

I ate Durian (Davao's signature fruit) earlier with my wife. She preferred Pomelo 'cause she can't stand the smell of Durian, which is one of the tastiest fruit I ever tasted (others thinks so too). (^_^)

Going-home Time. Not Much Done.

Past 5pm, another day has passed. Not much done in terms of my programming projects because we had a meeting almost the whole day.

I'm making a report for my system, PowerOne Constellation, that is deployed in VECO (Visayan Electric Company). This task in scheduled to be done in just 1 week and I spent the first 2 days almost entirely in a meeting. Whew, how can I finish this task in this kind of schedule. (^_^)

Tomorrow, all DLPC employees are required to attend the clean-up drive of all election materials in a road near the DLPC Ponciano office. Said task will start at 6:00 AM.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pacman After Election

This picture has been going around our company email. It shows a funny picture of boxing sensation Manny "Pacman" Pacqiuao and Freddie Roach, after he loose, with a large margin, to incumbent congresswoman Atty. Darlene Antonino-Custodio in the recent Philippines National Election.

Pacman run for the congress versus the incumbent Darlene Antonino-Custodio despite strong disapproval from his fans in the Philippines.

Despite the very convincing win of Cong. Custodio against him, Pacman claims that he was cheated in the said election because, according to him, there were no watermarks in the election returns which prove it's authenticity. Though, that issue is not yet been cleared as of this writting.

Let's just see in the next couple of days if Pacman's picture changes. (^_^)

Morning Glory

It's 7:03 in the morning (Philippines time). Just finished breakfast with my wife, over fried fish, eggs and rice (yummy). Instead of taking a bath to get ready for my work, I can't help to check my emails and my websites statistics - this is one of the reasons why I'm sometimes late for work (^_^).

Yesterday I thought of regularly updating this blog which will features my life as a programmer and anything about my view of things around me.

And so this is my first post in an effort to fulfill that quest (^_^). I think updating this blog will be just for fun and just sort of a pass time for me to unwind from the busy schedule of my work.

Have to go. I'm going to be late.

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