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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feedbacks About Our Wedding Reception AVP

Last June 1, I posted in this blog my wedding reception AVP (audio video presentation). I got nice feedbacks about it from my college classmates and friends. They said it was nicely done, others told me how romantic and proud I am about my marriage. And one of my classmate in college said; "I didn't know you have a serious side inside you". (^_^)

Well, she said it maybe because when I was in college, I always do things less seriously. I make fools about almost all the things arround, except my education of course.

Some also ask for pictures of our wedding. At first, I want to make another website that will host all of our pictures. But when I changed this blog to a new domain name, I changed my mind. Instead of making a new website, I'll post some of our wedding pictures in this blog.

Hopefully, when my internet connection at home gets connected this week, I'll be able to post some of our wedding pictures in this blog next week.


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