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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blogger's Corner: Rex Bugcalao

The feature blogger for today is Rex Bugcalao. He is a full-time Systems Developer/Analyst in an electric utility company in Davao City, Philippines.

Rex is a coffe drinker and loves listening to music and watching movies. You can read reviews of movies he watched in his blog. He is the one who introduced me to Google Adsense.

Photoblogger photo
NameRex M. Bugcalao
Describe YourselfCoffee Drinker and Loves Music and Movies
Main blogTrails
Main Blog DescriptionTrails - my blog expresses my thoughts on things, events and things that has significance to me - from movie reviews to personal views and information technology
Other blogsnone
Q & A
1) When and how did you start blogging?2006.
2) How many blogs do you maintain?2 blogs, but my new blog is Trails.
3) What is your primary reason for blogging?Fun, experience and money.
4) How many hours you spend blogging everyday?2 to 4.
5) How do you market your blog?I cross-links, visit other blogs and forums and announce.
6) Do you monetize your blog? How?Yes. Google Adsense.
7) If you were to write your very last blog post, what it is about?My blogging experience.
8) What is the biggest blogging mistake you've ever done?Not understanding what is a blog (hahahaha) silly me.
9) If you are allowed to read only one blog, what should it be?My blog of course!
10) What advice can you give to other bloggers?Express your self and don't get your ass stuck on it unless you are already in the pinnacle of your blogging success!


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