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Monday, December 25, 2006

Oracle Training

Oracle University's training on Oracle databases and tools is really great. I attended one of their training on PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural language, last December 18-22, 2006. I was really a great experience for me.

Aside from it being my first major training, I was only one who went to Makati City to attend. And it was my first time in that place. Man, Makati's central business district is really a nice place. I feel I was in some place outside of the Philippines.

I learned a lot on that training that, as our instructor says, we would never learn on the work place. Indeed, she is telling the truth. She also shared many tips in PL/SQL programming that for me is very essential techniques.

All in all, the money spent by my company to send me to that training is really worth it. I felt my skills increased after. I would love and looking forward to attend more trainings in the future.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Work, Work and Work

I'm back here at my work again in Cebu. I just recieve an phone call from my co-worker that I will be staying here for three weeks - instead of the usual two weeks. Well, good for me, it means more allowances(hehehe). I have to savor this last three week because this will be my last month here. I will be back again to Davao next year.

Work today was busy. I wonder how I can lie low. Maybe when my websites hits' reach to 1000 a day each. But even that is still out of reach.

I have to go, our service car's alarm sounded off. I don't want to commute the jeepney this time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I'm Joel Badinas, a full-time systems developer who likes the idea of having a passive income through the internet. My hobbies includes web programming, internet surfing, blogging, reading computer books and making money online.

I started blogging in 2006, when a co-worker introduced me to it. Since then I never stopped and maybe will continue to blog 'til I can't type in the keyboard.

This blog is about programming, making money online, blogging tips, technologies, and search engine optimization tips and techniques and my ramblings in the IT world.

If you have question and/or suggestion, feel free to contact me at

Monday, November 20, 2006

The Return of the Come Back

Welcome to my blog about anything under the sun.

It's ten in the evening, Philippines time, and I'm posting my first post in this new blog. I have deleted this blog months ago but lately it came into my mind to revive this and now here it is.

I have nine blogs but most of it has static content. I just put all the post in there in one sitting and leave for the search engine to pick up the pages and get indexed. I'm hoping that it will generate traffic on its on through organic searching.

But this blog is suppose to be different. I want to update this in a regular basis posting anything from my own point of view.

Read on and have fun. And don't forget to drop comments too. That will help me keep this blog up. (^_^)

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