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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jotham's Cup: The GISD Basketball Tournament

Last night me and my co-workers had a basketball game. We divided our department into two teams, Team A and Team B.

The agreement
Race to two games. Whichever team wins twice first will win. And the loser will buy roasted chicken for dinner.

The Result
Team 1 wins. Team 2 losses

The Conclusion
No roasted chicken bought (not even a burnt feather). But we were happy we lose some pounds. (^_^)

The Pictures
Team 1 in position

Team 2 in position

Team 1 and Team 2


macao said...

I was one of the players of Team 2 (3rd Pix: Standing Center, Blue Jersey and a peace sign). I'm on the same team with kabalweg. Eventhough we loose, I did my best to play the game. Maybe this Friday, we will win in Game 2.

Joel Badinas said...


Yeah. This friday is "Pay Back Time". We'll going to come hard and finish harder. Its gonna be "Team 1 wins. Team 2 losses". (I hope. hehehe)

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