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Monday, June 18, 2007

Blogger's Corner: Joseph Gumia

The feature blogger for today is Joseph Gumia. He is fairly new to the blogging world. Joseph is a full-time System Developer in an electric utility company in Davao City, Philippines.

His life's motto is "Fill up each hour with what will last; Buy up the moments as they go; The life above, when this is past, Is the ripe fruit of life below. -- Bonar"

Photo blogger photo
Name Joseph Q. Gumia
Describe Yourself I'm a very energetic, talented person. :)
Main blog Etcetera..Etcetera...
Main Blog Description Etcetera..Etcetera... anything goes here..Life, Technology, Music, Scripting etc..
Other blogs none
Q & A
1) When and how did you start blogging? I started blogging just a week ago. I was convinced by a colleague of mine Joel Badinas and I just sign up and their it goes.
2) How many blogs do you maintain? For now just one.
3) What is your primary reason for blogging? My online journal to express my thoughts and ideas.
4) How many hours you spend blogging everyday? At least 3 hours a day during breaks.
5) How do you market your blog? By inviting my friends, relatives, schoolmates etc...
6) Do you monetize your blog? How? For now I can't. Still waiting for my adsense account to be approved.
7) If you were to write your very last blog post, what it is about? About my life and how happy am I.
8) What is the biggest blogging mistake you've ever done? Not yet..
9) If you are allowed to read only one blog, what should it be? The life of my girlfriend
10) What advice can you give to other bloggers? Just keep it real and simple.


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