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Monday, June 25, 2007

Blog Clean-ups

Today I deleted again my blog, Organic Traffic. Last week, I deleted three of my blogs namely, Home Landscaping Guide, Dog Health Care Guide and Fly Fishing Guide and added one blog of my interest.

Since I decided to update this blogs often, I make it a point to write posts of the things that I like to share in this blog, and not just for money.

As of today I have three existing blogs: Joel Badinas dot Com, Free Jokes and Amusing Stories, Free Source Codes. I won't post here the URL's of my deleted blogs because you can't access it anyway.

My Reasons
You might ask why I deleted those blogs. My reasons are simple, those blogs has very low visitor activity and I don't update them often. So I better delete them so that others who might want those URL's can re-use it. Likewise, I'm loving blogs now so I don't want to spam the blogosphere. (^_^)

For the record, I don't regret creating those blogs, in fact I was thankful I made them. Those blogs that I deleted were part of my trial and error when I was first introduced to Adsense. Those were my "guinea pigs" into the world of making money online. I don't say that I'm a guru in the online marketing field, but I can say that through those blogs I gained considerable amount of knowledge and that knowledge leads me to deleting them and concentrating on a few blogs of my interests.

My Two Cents
For bloggers, my advice is to create a blog of your interest because if you do, you will never run out of topic to write. Don't be concern about making money at once through your blog. It is this simple reason that most bloggers fail. Enjoy blogging first, gain traffic to your blog, and then money will just follow.


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