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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Different Moods of a Programmer

Systems Developers or Programmers, as they are often called, has many moods. Often, those moods are triggered by the status of the program he is doing and the environment in the workplace. Warning: Don't take this seriously.

1) Distrust. When a program is doing a 1 + 1 operation and the the result is -1, this feeling is triggered.

2) Excitement. A programmer's first program will always be the "Hello World" program. It is this first program that triggers the programmer's excitement.

3) Astonishment. "Aha" moments is part of the daily life of a programmer. When a 1 + 1 operation results to 2, brace yourself for the loudest "AHA" you will hear.

4) Enthusiasm. When a programmer discovers a new technique that has never been discovered, this feeling surfaces. For example, when a programmer discovers that the expression "1 = 1" is always "True", you can see this feeling in his face.

5) Love. Let's face it, programmers are just human. When his computer is doing what he programs it to do, falling in love to his computer is just around the corner.

6) Disillusionment. Again, programmers are just human, they err at times. After a while of being in love with his computer, it becomes clear to him that computers are only "hot" when it is in use.

7) Fright. This feeling is common when a programmer notices that his boss suddenly go to his direction while he is playing Starcraft. (hehehe. I sometimes get this feeling)

8) Horror. This feeling comes after #7 (Fright) when a programmer failed to press the "ALT + TAB" key on his keyboard and his boss is in front of him and his computer.

9) Fury. Ok,a programmer went through #7 (Fright) and #8 (Horror) and he was fired. What do you think will be his feeling?

10) Frustration. After more than a week of programming a single routine and still no progress, a programmer is vulnerable to this feeling. If you sit beside a programmer at time like this, you will hear faint cries.

11) The End. Programmers are not like their best buddies - the computers. At the end of the day, they feel they need to rest for tomorrow's another set of the above feelings. A vicious cycle.

These are my opinions. What's yours'?


Anonymous said...

Go freelance and forget #7 and #8 :)

Joel Badinas said...


Actually, I'm planning that. But not until my online efforts supports me full-time.

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