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Thursday, June 21, 2007

How I Was Introduced Into Blogging and Adsense

I was first introduced to blogging, when I signed up for Friendster. I made a blog on that website, submitted a couple of post and then, it went dead. Up until now, that blog is never updated.

Then, last year, a co-worker of mine introduced me to Google Adsense. It was like a wake up call to me. My eyes turned into a dollar sign. I said to myself, "Why didn't I knew this before".

I'm not new to designing web pages. Back in college, I was chosen to be a member of a team that helped design my school's sub campuses webasites. Had I knew about Google Adsense at that time, my first Adsense check would be much earlier. And I would have earned considerable amount of money from Google to this day.

A day after that first introduction with Adsense, I made my first blog at and then applied for Google Adsense. My goal for blogging that time was to make money through Adsense. Then just lately when I realize that blogging for money is bound to fail. To be successful in blogging, your first goal should be to write about what interests you, with making money the second goal.

With that realization, I came to enjoy blogging more than before. Of course I still use Adsense in this blog but it's just a secondary goal to me. If I earn money from it in any day, fine. If not, fine with me too.

You see, for bloggers out there. In your early day of blogging, try to enjoy writing about what interest you and you will be more happier when your earnings.

Happy blogging...


Anonymous said...

Nice article. Like many others, my eyes turned into dollar signs when the idea was introduced to me. Though, I think we're all wondering around how much do you make from adsense by this method?

Anonymous said...


You can see my first Adsense earnings here. I'm still waiting for my second check which I think will arrive next month.

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