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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Jotham's Cup: The GISD Basketball Tournament Update

Last June 7, 2007, we had our first GISD basketball game. Last night was our second game.

The agreement
Race to two games. Whichever team wins twice first will win. And the loser will buy roasted chicken for dinner (again).

The Synopsis
Team 1 won the first game. But Team 2 came down hard with big blows and won the second and third game. But this morning, Joe of Team 1 argue that only the first game was the valid one for last night's game. Apparently it was their secret agreement with Macao of Team 2, my team, that the first game will be the deciding factor of last night's game. Team 2 was like HAAHHH?

The Result
Team 1 wins. Team 2 losses (because of that secret agreement).

The Conclusion
Back to zero next game (because of that secret agreement). Still no roasted chicken bought (not even a burnt feather). But we were happy we lose some pounds and no muscle pain today.(^_^)

The Pictures
Team 1 in position

Team 2 in Position

Team 1 and Team 2 with our (a)Muse


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