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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My New Office PC And Me

The main topic here is not my new haircut but since this is one of my best post so far with my new PC, I might as well use this picture.

This new PC has been in my table since last week, as a replacement to my old PC, but I just fully utilize it's "power" since yesterday because only then that my enterprise account have been upgraded from "USER" to "ADMIN-USER". Our company uses Novell Client for the enterprise network security. It's much secure (according to one of our technical staff) than the previous one we're using, the Novell Zenwork.

PC Specs
17" CR E773S Monitor
Standard 101 Keys (USB-SK8115) Keyboard
Pentium D - 3.0GHZ CPU/Precessor
AT/ATX Motherboard
1GB DDR Memory
ATI Radeon Express Built-in Video Card
80 GB SATA Hard Drive
440x 10/100 Built-in Network Card

I hope with this new and powerful office PC, I can speed up my Adsense revenue. (^_^)


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