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Friday, June 01, 2007

Report No More

At last, I finished the report that I have been doing since almost two weeks ago. I wasn't able to focus doing it because of my busy schedules. Meeting here and there, and I have to take two days off to accompany my wife to Manila.

Now I can focus on my next goal, to teach myself XML, Javascipt and Ajax. I have already started learning XML and I'm loving it. (^_^)


Sister2brother said...

Well .html is hard enough for me as it is. I have made an .xml file and didn't even think of it until I saw your post.

But making one from scratch can get quite tedious but its good to know for when I update my feeds

Joel Badinas said...

I think HTML was hard when I was in college. But know what, I was wrong. HTML, so with XML, is relatively an easy language to learn, even on your own.

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