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Friday, June 22, 2007

First Joel Badinas dot Com Milestone

Yesterday was the first milestone this blog has attained. According to Google Analytics, this blog was visited 98 times yesterday. With that 98 visitors, 83 was unique.

Ok, for some bloggers this number of traffic is not a reason to blog about, but for me it is. Since starting this blog last year, this been through up and down. This blog went to "sleep" for months until I decided to "awaken" it again. Lucky me I didn't delete this blog. I was on the brink of doing that.

I think the traffic was the result of some techniques I made to this blog. Before yesterday, the average number of visitors was just 30 and then it jumped to 98 all of the sudden. But don't ask me about those techniques because I'm not telling about it just yet. I need more proof before I will blog about that techniques I made to this blog.

For the meantime, I'll just keep on blogging and using those techniques. (^_^)


Sesen said...

Wow! Congratulation :)

I think you have done something great. Let us know the secret please...

Anonymous said...


Sure. I will blog my techniques in due time. Right now, I'm still testing if my assumptions are right.

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