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Friday, June 08, 2007

Blogging With Passion - A Blogger's Sercet Formula

My first website was a blog (I can't remember the title now). It was powered by blogger as with this blog. Back then, I was inspired to blog because I have known others making big bucks monthly just by blogging. Down the road, as I gained more experience in blogging, I have learned that monetizing your blog should be the second goal in your list. The first one should be your passion to write about something you are interested.

On my personal opinion, this is true. When I started this blog, my goal was to monetize it and not to right about my opinions and daily ramblings as a programmer. After a month that this blog was online, I stop posting. This blog went dead for almost six months. I almost delete it had it not bear my codename, kabalweg.

Until one day, I just had a sudden enthusiam (if it's what you call it) to update this blog regularly with the money just the second goal. Since then, I have been posting regularly about my daily ramblings and other stuffs that interest me. And since then, this blog went alive again. At times, I even post two to three times in a day about my daily activities and other stuffs.

For fellow bloggers, my penny-worth advise is: blog with passion on something you are interested in and for not money or at least make it just your second goal.


Sister2brother said...

I just posted in my blog about this very same subject!

I think that once they get a taste of that Adsense money some people lose the focus that they once had with their blog.

Instead of staying true to their blog they'll look for ways to increase their adsense earnings - wondering what the highest paying keywords are etc.

Although I think the slowest way is the best some people just want it fast and for as much as they can get

Joel Badinas said...


I agree with. I was once like that when I started blogging. I hope through my post about blogging with passion, I can touch other bloggers and change their mentality about blogging.

Brian Armstrong said...

Great point....I think I needed this advice, lately I've been too focused on traffic/money. Thanks!

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