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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Not So Obvious Ways to Promote Your Website - Part #2

See the part #1 here.

E-mail Headers
Have you seen letters from companies or even individual owners of business of services? Guess what they has in thier letter head? You're right, thier business logos, address, services, etc. You can do just like that in you e-mails. Just put you URL and/or services a few spaces from your salutation. This way, your reader with easily notice your URL.

IM Friends and Status
If you are an avid user of Instant Messaging client like YM, ICQ, etc. You can utilize this to advertise your site by sending your URL to you IM friends. Imagine if you have 500 contacts and 50% of them click on your link, it gives site a good boost of visitors. Make sure to put a personalize message as some users moght treat it as a virus link especially if you send them your URL while they are offline. Example message:

Hi [friend_name], please visit my website, [URL]. You might get good information in there.

In Yahoo Messenger, you can also change your online status to the URL of you website. This way, your URL will appear next to your name in your friend YM client.

Offline Advertising
Advertising your site is not only limited online. You can also utilize offline advertising by using flyers, car stickers, billboards, etc, and even the yellow pages of the telephone directory. Of course that will cost you money. But if you are a frequent advertiser on such media, you might as well your URL below your name. It gives you website added exposure. Remember that this is not only limited to such media. Think of ways where you can promote your site offline.

So that completes the list. Use the techniques I listed here in your daily blogging life. This will greatly help you in your traffic generation


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