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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not So Obvious Ways to Promote Your Website - Part #1

Traffic is the most important factor why we can say a website is successful. You can have the best content or the best design a website could have, but without traffic, your website is just another website out there.

To augment your existing traffic, I have written here some ways to improved your existing website traffic. Read on.

Commenting in Blogs
Not only that this is SEO friendly, it also gives you good reputation to the reader especially if you comment on the blog very well. Make sure that you read first the blog before you comment on the topic. This the blog owner will not treat your comment as spam and delete it. By putting your URL in your comments gives you a free ride especially if the blog is popular.

Be an Online Expert in your Field
Register to Yahoo Answer or Google Answer and answer questions there that it related to your website and put your signature and your URL at the bottom each every answer. Again make sure that your answer, in one way or another, helps the poster so you build a good impression to him/her that will make him/her click on you URL.

Participate in Forums
Register and participate in forums that is related to your website topic. Put your signature in each posting. But remember not to overdo your signature as it might be a cause to be kicked out of the forum. Just your nickname and URL will do and let it do the talking for your site. Again make sure that post is related to the forum so that you will not get banned. And by giving good post will earn you good reputation.

E-mail Signatures
E-mail signatures provides you to freely advertise your site in a manner that is not obvious. As a sender of the letter, you have all the control to this campign. Make sure to write only a very brief description of your site and not a paragraph that it out-lenghts the content of your letter or better to just write your URL. Example:

Joel Badinas
Systems Developer
Visit my personal blog @

Or use link tag:

Joel Badinas
Systems Developer
Joel Badinas dot Com

See the part #2 here.


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