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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Blog Content Mistakes

When building a blog or a website, you definitely have to have good contents for readers of your site. And it's not just contents, it's got to be good information for them to come back for more. Let's face it, search engines love website with good content - especially if it is updated regularly - and web surfers hungry for information. If your blog caters the needs of this two, you got thousand hits a day and a potential gold mine.

Building good contents for your site is not automatic, especially if you're a beginner and a struggling writer. Consider this few pointers on how you can avoid some blog content mistakes.

1. Don't have a site built purely from your own content.

Why? Because it will take too long to grow lots of pages. Although unique, quality content is "the bees knees", if you ignore other sources of content you are, to quote the cheese-gurus, 'leaving money on the table'.

2. Don't have a site built purely from other people's content.

Why? Because you'll have little that's unique on your site. Every man and his dog tries to borrow other people's content and use content that already exists elsewhere.
But that doesn't make it right: "If you do what everybody else does, you'll get what everybody else gets."

Search engines can frown on duplicate content so if you use sources of content that are not unique you'll need to do things to make those pages unique. But the best plan is not build a site entirely from other people's content

3. Don't have a site built purely of 'synthesized' content.

Why? Because using fancy article-crawling-machines and other 'automatic content machines' will backfire on you eventually. It might make you some revenue in the short-term but it's like trying to build a house with bricks but no mortar.

Sure - it's WAY quicker, but I know which house I'd rather live in and which one is still going to be there in a year's time.


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