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Monday, September 24, 2007

How To Easily Download Files From The Internet

I know downloading files from the internet is very easy. Just click on the download link or button and it will automatically download the file. But how about you are just provided a link or URL of the file, a swf or pdf file for example. If you just click on the link, it will just open the file in the browser.

I have been using a technique (or trick) for years now. I use this to download swf, pdf, movie, document and many other files on the internet.

There is no special about this technique. All you need is the link or URL of the said file, an HTML file, and the <a> tag and of course an internet connection. Here's where the trick comes, after putting the URL inside the <a> tag, run the HTML file you just created. Right-click on the link and in the pop-up menu that appears, select "Save Link As..." for Firefox users or "Save Target As..." for IE users and then save the file.

See the HTML source code example below:

<title>Download Trick</title>

<a href="">
download me


Now, copy the source codes above, create an HTML file and start downloading files from the internet.

To test the source code above, I have added the same <a> tag here: download me


Arjuna said...

Battcom Sir!
hi!who's kabalweg?joel badinas?its me lancelot.this post was a big help.thanks. now i know how to download those kinds of file.i'm really working on creating my own website created by myself of course.ill be a regular visitor on this site of yours.since its an online tutorial for web designer wannabes like me.if possible,please post topics on "how to make your own template on your blog".i really want to learn.thnks.
regards to your family,.
lancelot catan

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting here. This trick really works. All files in a webpage has URL embedded in the webpage. you just have to find that URL and use the trick I describe here to download it.

I'll try to post blogger template tutorial next time.

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