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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Search Engines: A Piece of the Google Pie

Everyday millions of people use search engines to search anything on the web. The leading competitor in this field is, yes guessed it, it's Google.

According to, there were 5.04 billion searches in August this year across 65 engines, 10% higher than the previous month (July). If you follow this trends of searches, you can see that this numbers is growing, not by thousands but by millions on the average. And this figures is expected to continue to grow. See the figures of 5 top search engines below:

Top Engines for August
* Google--46% of all searches
* Yahoo--23% of all searches
* MSN--11% of all searches
* AOL Search--8% of all searches
* Ask Jeeves--2% of all searches

Considering that this figures is in billions, have you ever imagine your website have just even a small piece of this traffic? That's a huge amount of traffic coming from organic searches. Even if you optimize your pages only for google and you rank well on them, you will have a rock-solid streams of web traffic to your site. And more traffic means more money for you if you're running an affiliate programs and ads in your site. Fortunately for us and other website site owner, Google offers a lot of tools on how we can optimize our web pages to make it more Google-friendly, the Google Webmaster Center and the Google Webmaster Tools. Visit this sites and consider using the tools and techniques that they offer. Who knows, you might see your website in the top ten organic searches in Google in a very short time. Act now and have a bite of your Google Pie.


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