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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Back At Work

It's Monday morning, back to work again. The weekend seems so long for me though it was only one and a half day.

Saturday afternoon, after an half day duty at work, I went to the mall to watch Rush Hour 3. I thought it was a good one as my co-worker said it was, but it didn't met my expectation. That evening I did my laundry and on Sunday I was a little sore so I just spent the whole morning in front of the DVD player watching 24.

I'm excited now because yesterday I managed to download the the Advance PHP 5 ebook. I was looking for this for a long time already. I was going to buy this book at the bookstore last Saturday but when I look at the prize tag, it was more than one thousand five hundred pesos. I said to myself I might just download this on the internet, and sure I did. I prefer to read printed books, but with that prize, I backed off. Maybe I'll buy this when I have a spare money.


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