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Friday, September 28, 2007

Driving Lesson

Yesterday, I had my first taste of driving a four-wheel vehicle. We first had a lecture in the morning, live demo of four-wheel vehicle parts early in the afternoon and practical driving afterwards.

Before yesterday, I thought driving is relatively easy. I was wrong. I had a hard time finding the neutral of the transmission, especially that the transmission of the vehicle we used was very loose. I also had a hard time doing the reverse. The track at the Davao Light's Maa training ground that normally takes 2 minutes for a driver, took me about ten minutes (^_^). Well, I'm very much new to driving, I have no previous experience before yesterday.

Davao Light's Maa Training Ground

Lecture Proper

Lunch Break
Our viand were canned goods because the eatery ran out of cooked viands. It served it's purpose though. (^_^)


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