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Monday, July 02, 2007

My Life In The Past Two Months

The past two months, May and June, had lots of things happened to my personal and blogging life.

Last May 5, I was wed. Although I didn't mention about it until now, I posted our reception video and some pictures here. It was also during this month that I decided to enliven this blog. I even bought my own domain as a sign of my commitment to update this blog often.

Last month, June, was a record breaker so far for this blog. I post an average of three post per day for the whole month of June. It was also during this month that I changed the primary reason of my blogging. I also launched my blogger's corner campaign. I also bought my own camera for my blogging and personal use. During also this month, this blog made it's first milestone.

At the later part of June, I decided to delete my four low traffic blogs and concentrate on a few ones. I also create a free source codes blog that I think suits my job as a programmer. This new blogs is steady gaining traffic and Adsense revenue. Also, according to Google Adsense, they sent my second check last June 29 (I received my first check last December 2006).

For the two month that passed in my personal and blogging life, all I can say is: Whew, keep blogging kabalweg.


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