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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Network Down

This morning while we're presenting one of our programs to our users, the network suddenly went down. (Gggrrrr) I had a hard time organizing that audience (I am the project manager for this project) and we were just interrupted by this network problem.

For more than an hour, the office operation of our company went stagnant. All of us prayed that it will last for five hours so that we can take the day off with pay. (^_^). But sadly, before the noon break was over, the network went online again.

Here's the email of our network administrator.

This morning at around 11:10AM, the output circuit breaker #2 of APC 16KVA UPS suddenly trip-off,
which affected the network devices in our Ponciano-Admin Main Network Distribution Frame.
The network connection was restored at about 12:20PM.

We apologize for any inconvenience the loss of network connectivity might have cause you ,
our valued customers.

Thank you.

We had to schedule the program presentation in the afternoon, and I spent more than 30 minutes calling our audience to come and attend. Fortunately, the presentation went well.


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