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Monday, July 09, 2007

Web Programming Language Dilemma

Last Saturday, I attended an informal training for JSP. It was conducted by one of the developer from other department in our company. It was our second Saturday session.

Last June 22, I started reading about JSP using the book JSP Web Development. Then I shifted my focus back to PHP, which I already knew and have been using for about a year now. My reason was, I want to master first the PHP language before moving on to JSP. When our Saturday session for JSP began, I'm having a second thought again if what should I focus more, JSP or PHP. Any suggestions? (^_^)

I have already developed websites using PHP, online recipe collections, smart coder and online guide to name a few. JSP is a new language for me, although I have already a background in Java and other web programming language, this would mean a new start for me, that's why I'm having this dilemma. (^_^)


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