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Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Third Adsense Payout

Yesterday morning when I signed-in to my Adsense account, I learned that my third Adsense payout has already been sent via Western Union. That day after office I went to Victoria Plaza mall to get it.

Good thing that Goggle decided to team up with Wester Union. The payout that takes almost a month before, now takes just one day for you to get it. My payout was sent on the 26th of this month but I didn't check my payment tab in my Adsense account so I just got it yesterday.

This third payout, which amounted to $104.61 (4,455.33 in Peso), is enough for me to buy a new wristwatch this Christmas. Maybe I'll wait until middle of December. There's a lot of sale by then. I might get a Casio watch for a lesser amount.

It was the last week of October when I passed my third 100 dollars mark. After this payout, I still have 40 dollars in my Adsense earnings. It will be carried to my next payout. I hope it will be on January next year. (^_^)


WaiKee said...

anyway, you take how long to earn USD 100?

Joel Badinas said...

Mercury, thanks for visiting. This third Adsense check took me almost three months. How about you, how much are you making money from your site?

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