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Friday, November 30, 2007

Search Engines Infected by Hackers

It appear that the saying that "Christmas is a season of Love and Crime" is also true in the internet. Just recently, Google Yahoo and MSN search engines have been infected by hackers.

Users who uses this search engines is fooled into visiting malicious websites crammed with malware.

The websites, which came up in results for innocuous terms such as "Christmas gifts", "infinity" and "hospice", contained software that exploited vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer.

Visitors to the booby-trapped sites faced having their computer taken over and personal data stolen.

Hackers have exploited the coming Christmas season by targeting and exploiting the keyphrases "Christmas gift shopping", "Christmas holiday sale" and "holiday shopping fun".

Google have removed the websites from the search results after they had been appearing in searches, but it is believed the websites are still cropping up in Yahoo and MSN Live searches.


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