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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hacking The Blogger Template

Obviously, Blogger is one of the most famous blogging website today. This blog is even hosted by it.

Understanding the tags is a key to successfully hack the Blogger template. Since I started blogging May of last year, I have been hacking the Blogger templates to fit my desired design. In fact, this blog's template was originally a two-column template. I edited it to create the third right-most column.

Template hacking or template editing is not really difficult. You just have to know a little bit of HTML and CSS and have time to experiment and your on your way to being a Blogger template hacker. If you don't know HTML and CSS, find time to read good books or search the internet for good resources about the topic.

Many bloggers, especially newbies, have been asking me how they can customize their blogs. So as a way of helping them, I decided to post in my free source codes blog the Blogger tags and their definitions. You can read it on this link: blogger tags definition.


Admin said...

Thanks your free source code kaibigan JoelBadinas...I want to try it...

Anonymous said...


You're very much welcome. (^_^)

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