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Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 Make Money Online Review

It's been more than one a half year since I started my campaign to make money online through Adsense. The seed was planted when a co-worker introduced me to Adsense. Since then I received three payout check. My latest was just last November. And now I'll be passing again the 100 dollar mark, so I'll be expecting again a payout this January.


My goal to make 10 dollars per day with Adsense last 2007 was not realized but I'm doing fine and my earnings per day is increasing. So I'll just carry out that goal to this year, 2008.

In the effort to increase my earnings, I sorted to other revenue stream like Payperpost and text link ads and I also made good revenue with it, almost 70 percent of my Adsense income last year.

Strategies for the Year

Although I'm doing fine with my revenue, it's still not half of my goal income for Adsense. The problem with me is I tend to "bite more than I could chew". I maintained many blogs and websites that I can't give all of it proper attention. I know SEO a bit, so instead of aggressively marketing my websites, I rely mostly in search engines. So this year, 2008, I'll be marketing my websites more instead of relying in search engines. I'll also divide my time between my website to give more focus to it.


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