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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Uncommon Ways to Increase Website Traffic: Community Websites

Community websites are common these days. Some very popolar are friendster and myspace and there are thousands more out there which slowly becoming popular also. Doing a Google search will literally gives you hundred of thousands of it.

Most, if not all, community websites allows you post bulletins and blogs and to message anybody in the community. Community websites are not only good for socializing and contacting your old friends and colleagues. They are also a good traffic source for your website.

Imagine if you can post bulletins and you have thousands of members/friends in that community. That's automatically thousands of backlinks to your website as well. If your members/friends are targeted, which means their interest is the same as your website's theme, there is a big chance that they will read your bulletins and click your link to your website. And if you write good posts, they will surely come back for more, maybe for weeks or years, and chances are, they will tell their peers about your website and the process will repeat itself - a powerful viral marketing technique.

Tips When Joining a Community Websites:

1. Pick Between One to Three. Don't join all the community websites out there. That will too time consuming and difficult to maintain. Pick and join only the top three websites.

2. Regularly Add Friends. Keep in mind that the more friends you add, the more potential traffic to have for your websites. Regularly add friends to your profile.

3. Join Groups of Your Interest. Joining groups within your interest and website's content will keep your friends targeted. And they are more likely read your bulleting posts.

4. Don't Spam. Don't post bulletins that are of no value and don't overpost. Make sure that your post will help or inform your friends of something in one way or another.


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