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Monday, December 17, 2007

12 More Ways To Increase Website Traffic

If you're struggling to increase traffic to your website or blog, here's another tips I can share with you. Read on.

1. Create A Press Release. Creating a press release about your website will encourage curiuosity and will persuade others to visit your website.

2. Sell Your Product On Ebay. Ebay is a hotbed of shoppers. They’re already ready to buy. Simply put your product in front of them and you’ll get new sales. In this lesson, I’ll reveal the key mistakes most people make when advertising their products… and how to pump maximum profits out of Ebay.

3. Sell Your Product On Amazon is another hotbed of shoppers. People visit Amazon ready to buy products.

4. Sell Your Product On Froogle. Froogle is yet another little-known hotbed of shoppers. At this site, visitors come with credit card in hand and in ready-to-buy mood.

5. Start A Blog. Google loves Blogs. It’s a surefire way to increase your targeted traffic.

6. Post Comments On Other Blogs. Another way to immediately start driving more traffic is to simply post meaningful comments on other people’s blogs.

7. Write A "How-To" Report. Generate meaningful traffic simply by writing a how-to report about your product or service.

8. Get Others To Promote Your Site For You. Recruit affiliates and other partners and offer them a good incentives for bringing traffic to your websites. Incentives can be cash or free ebooks or services.

9. Write Regular, Impactful Articles. This is one of the most powerful, free strategies you can use to get targeted traffic.

10. Turn Your Ebook Into An Audiobook. This one is really a no-brainer. And it takes just a few minutes. Not everybody likes to sit at the computer and read. More and more, we’re finding that people prefer to purchase audiobooks that they can take “on the road.”

11. Convert Ebooks Into E-reader Format. This is another untapped niche. Traditional ebooks can’t be read on PDAs and other such devices. But the demand is there, and people who can afford PDAs and other such gadgets have money to spend.

12. Get Links From Other Relevant Sites. By trading links with other relevant sites, you can dramatically increase your traffic and search rankings (link popularity is one of the key factors that Google looks for).


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