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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Report, Report and Report

For the first time since I came back to work from my one month vacation, I was able to spent the whole day today almost entirely in front my PC.

I'm finished the format #1 of the five reports that I have to finished by the 24th. I plan to finish this by then so that I can focus on other task or research and study new programming techniques and methods.

XML, Javascript and Ajax are my priorities this time. I hope I can teach myself this languages before the end of the year.

This morning while I'm dressing up for work, I noticed I'm having a hard time putting on my pants. I gained weight since my one month vacation. So I decided to start my gym workout again this afternoon after office.


jemima said...

hi joel..
how are you? it's been a long time didnt hear from you..hope that you are fine..
i have linked your new blog.. happy blogging.. have a nice day..see you soon

Joel Badinas said...

Hi Linda,

Thanks for visiting. I have also linked to you blog. Thanks...

Sesen said...

Hi Joel,
Congrat on the new blog. It's nice to see a friend enjoying the holiday :)

Joel Badinas said...


Thanks for visiting and for the link as always. (^_^)

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