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Sunday, May 20, 2007

XML, Javascript and Ajax - Still out of Reach for Me

As a programmer, It has been my dream to be a master of web programming. I have self taught myself PHP, HTML and CSS programming languages - which is one of the essential programming language skills a web programming should have.

Although I have created website using those languages, I still feel that I need to learn other technologies and languages such as XML, Javascript and Ajax.

These three languages - XML, Javascript and Ajax - are one of the most needed skill I feel I need to learn. Too bad I have materials needed to learn those technologies but I don't have time to read it (or I just don't find time (^_^)).

And so starting today, I will find time to learn those languages. First I will learn XML, then Javascript, and then Ajax. And use it in my daily work as a programmer. Mark my word.


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