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Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Agloco Network Update

Today I checked my AGLOCO account to find out how many members is in my network. Well, nothing much has changed. I'm still far from the 1500th mark. I'm not surprised though, I don't recruit members aggressively, at least this days that the Viewbar is not yet released because others want proof before they sign-up.

AGLOCO made an statement that they will release Viewbar on April but they didn't keep it. May came and the Viewbar is still in beta, although they allow John Chow to test it, still, members aren't contented.

Personally, I have high hopes in AGLOCO. I know that the Viewbar will be available in due time. As a programmer myself, I understand the delay. Developing software don't sound easy as it is. In fact, it is harder when you're designing complex systems such as the AGLOCO system. I have encountered users is our company that is very demanding when they want something to be programmed. They think that sitting there in front of the PC writing source codes is like sitting in a park with a book (THINK AGAIN).

If your patience is as long as mine and want to try AGLOCO, you can visit this blog, Agloco Cash, for more information and how to sign-up.


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