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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My First Adsense Check

Last December I recieved my first Adsense check. For me and for others out there, this is a big proof that there is really money in the internet. In fact, many blogger and webmaster are making a living out of the internet. Too bad that I discovered Adsense just last year through one of my officemates.

The check, which is 127.56 dollars in amount, is a product of my trial and error when I started blogging and designing websites since May 2006. Not really much compare to others who averages from hundreds to thousands of dollars in revenue every month.

If I hade discovered Adsense in college, I'd get more than this because I started designing website since college but stopped when I got a regular job.

Next month (June), I'm expecting again my second check.

This year, one my goals is to increase my revenue to 10 dollars per day. This days, I'm still averaging less than a dollar per day. It would require much work to reach my goal, but who knows I might get lucky this year. (^_^)

If you plan to monetize your blogs or website, you can do so by signing-up with Google Adsense by clicking the button at the right sidebar which is labeled "Earn money by showing relevant ads with Google Adsense"


Tiensoon said...

Hi.. thanks for initiating link exchange. I've already added your link at my blog.

Feel free to add a link of my blog into yours as well :)

Sister2brother said...

Another good post! I have added it to my blog and it made me remember receiving my first Adsense check. It took me 2 months to get my first one and oh that was a loooooooong two months!

Joel Badinas said...


Lucky you. It took me 7 months before I recieved my first Adsense check. My goal this year is to increase my Adsense revenue to 10 dollars per day.

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