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Friday, May 18, 2007

Election Paraphernalias Removal Operation

This morning, all DLPC regular employees was tasked to remove the election paraphernalias in the two major streets of Davao. The activity started at 6 in the morning and would last until 10:30.

I had fun removing the the pieces of craps that the candidates posted in every structures they can get into. It was only very tiring. One hour in the operation and I feel I need to go home and sleep the whole day. This made me think, what if candidates will use the internet to campaign for elections. It would be less messy.

There were press poeple who covered the event. I bet they were there just to get a scope of the event. Commotion followed wherever they go because DLPC employees would pose with them in front of the camera. And of course, I'm one of them. (^_^)

I just hope other companies will follow what DLPC started. And also candidates who won in the latest election should do thier part in removing posters too. They posted it, they remove it.


jun.anteola said...

IMHO, it's these candidates' obligation to clean up their mess. win or lose. sila ang nagkalat, pwes, sila ang maglinis.

Joel Badinas said...

You bet. It's the candidates obligation. I hope they will realize it for God's sake. For us, it was just a community service.

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