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Monday, November 20, 2006

The Return of the Come Back

Welcome to my blog about anything under the sun.

It's ten in the evening, Philippines time, and I'm posting my first post in this new blog. I have deleted this blog months ago but lately it came into my mind to revive this and now here it is.

I have nine blogs but most of it has static content. I just put all the post in there in one sitting and leave for the search engine to pick up the pages and get indexed. I'm hoping that it will generate traffic on its on through organic searching.

But this blog is suppose to be different. I want to update this in a regular basis posting anything from my own point of view.

Read on and have fun. And don't forget to drop comments too. That will help me keep this blog up. (^_^)


Sister2brother said...

Well I wanted to see your blog from the beginning. Since you are a computer programmer and my blog deals with stuff on the Internet I think that we would be a perfect match for exchanging links. So I visited your blog like you asked, liked it and I added you to my BlogRoll!

Joel Badinas said...

Thanks. I have linked to your blog too.

Anonymous said...

hi i hear some likeness in here.:D

Joel Badinas said...

Thanks for dropping by, star. (^_^)

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