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Monday, December 25, 2006

Oracle Training

Oracle University's training on Oracle databases and tools is really great. I attended one of their training on PL/SQL, Oracle's procedural language, last December 18-22, 2006. I was really a great experience for me.

Aside from it being my first major training, I was only one who went to Makati City to attend. And it was my first time in that place. Man, Makati's central business district is really a nice place. I feel I was in some place outside of the Philippines.

I learned a lot on that training that, as our instructor says, we would never learn on the work place. Indeed, she is telling the truth. She also shared many tips in PL/SQL programming that for me is very essential techniques.

All in all, the money spent by my company to send me to that training is really worth it. I felt my skills increased after. I would love and looking forward to attend more trainings in the future.


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