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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Warning for RealPlayer 11 Users, You are Vulnerable to Hacker Attack

If you a RealPlayer user, this is for you.

Experts in the field of internet security issued a warning saying that RealPlayer is vulnerable exploitation. The flaw of the recent version of the product, the RealPlayer 11, could allow hackers to remotely control a PC if successfully exploited.

This security flaw was discovered by Evgeny Legerov, of Russian security firm GLEG.

Webuser reports:
As yet unpatched by Real Networks, the vulnerability "is caused due to an unspecified error and can be exploited to cause a buffer overflow," according to an advisory from a separate security company, Secunia.

Secunia also warned surfers not to open untrusted media files or browse unfamiliar websites, rating the vulnerability "highly critical".


Admin said...

I like your new site the template etc...

Joel Badinas said...


Thanks. I got feed up with my previous template, it was so dark looking. So I switch to this one. I'm loving it too. (^_^)

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