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Sunday, December 21, 2008

My First Ubuntu Machine, and I'm Loving it

My first encounter with Ubuntu was more than a year ago. Back then I was using Windows XP both at work and at home. By then, I tried installing it as a secondary boot in my XP desktop at home but it just wouldn't load after the installation so I didn't force it.

More than two weeks ago, I finally completed my desktop. It took me more than a month to build because I have to wait the parts (LCD monitor, casing, keyboard, mouse and power supply) that I bought from Amazon. I can say that it's worth the wait because this is my first Ubuntu machine and I'm loving it. I got Ubuntu 8.10 installed in it.

Though I am Windows user ever since, it wasn't difficult for to adjust to this new operating system. Like Windows, Ubuntu comes with softwares that you can use for your daily tasks. My problem with this OS is my printer is not working on it. Fortunately, I got a Macbook to print with. Other than that, I'm head over heels with it.

With this first taste of Linux, I think I will not go back to Windows if given a choice.


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