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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Waiting for Adsense Payment

Yesterday, my Adsense earning have passed the 100 dollar mark (today it's $103.24). This means that it will be days from now and I will have my third Adsense check. Good thing that I can now get your earnings through Western Union. It's much faster than the regular mailed check.

Looking back at my previous Adsense earnings, it took me eight months before I received my first check and six months after that my second check. This third 100 dollar mark only took me three months to surpassed. This means that my earning is improving. Although my goal to make 10 dollars per day this year is slowly slipping, I still have two months to do it. Who knows next year I might get lucky.

My regular earner is a blog (not this one) and a website. I will not enumerate those two regular earners this time, maybe next.


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